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For years we have heard about the wonders and wonders of the Gulf principalities, most notably Dubai. Dubai has set up spectacular tourism projects and made the impossible possible and the dream a reality. But for years the United Arab Emirates was closed to Israelis and peace seemed like a distant dream. But today times have changed - following the signing of peace agreements Israelis can come and visit Dubai, enjoy hotels in Dubai and all the great attractions that this principality has to offer. Many Israelis have already visited Dubai and returned full of experiences.

Hotels in Dubai

The name of the hotels in Dubai has gone far and they are considered a symbol of splendor, and architectural and engineering records such as the Burg Hotel & lsquo; To the special evening, or the hotel designed by G & lsquo; Virgo Armani in the Burg Tower & lsquo; The famous suit (the tallest tower in the world). These hotels feature luxurious and luxurious suites that pamper their guests like kings. It is definitely worth visiting these hotels or at least observing them, but do not get the wrong impression about hotels in Dubai - many people think that Dubai is an expensive destination that is only suitable for the top decile and those who can afford hotels for thousands of dollars a night. There are some particularly luxurious hotels, but Dubai abounds in other luxury hotels that offer you deals at affordable prices that suit everyone.

If you are looking for hotels in Dubai you can do so easily through the website Travelor >. Through the site you can easily search for hotels in Dubai and find lucrative deals for the best hotels. & Nbsp; Through the site you will find hotels and apartments at different levels and in different price ranges. In order to optimize the search for hotels in Dubai, the Travelor website allows you to filter the search result by price, stars and other various characteristics - so the Travelor website can guarantee that you will find the hotel or apartment that best suits your needs, and at the most affordable prices.

Among the hotels you can find on the Travelor website you will find the best known hotel chains such as: Shangri-La, Ritz & lsquo; Carlton, Sheraton, Waldorf Astoria, Rotana, The Four Seasons and other top hotels. Here on the site you will find hotels in Dubai that are located in the most attractive areas and allow you easy access to the best sites and attractions of this wonderful princess. Your vacation starts here.

What to do in Dubai

Travelor allows you to search for hotels and perform Orders. During your stay in Dubai hotels you can enjoy the best attractions in Dubai:

Screw Tower & lsquo; Suit & nbsp; - The tallest tower in the world and one of the iconic symbols of Dubai. The tower rises to a height of 828 meters and is part of a commercial, entertainment and residential area. And speaking of Dubai hotels in the tower runs the famous Armani Hotel.

Dubai Frame & nbsp; - A relatively new attraction, a huge picture frame that rises to a height of 150 meters and allows you to take a mega selfie. Here you can enjoy a museum that shows the development of the city, and even a look at the future of Dubai in 50 years. You can also enjoy a panoramic view of the city here, where you will see the hotels in Dubai and all the towers.

Dubai Miracle Garden & nbsp; - Dubai's spectacular flower garden. The place is known for its huge exhibits that include Mickey Mouse statues, a giant plane and more, all of which are flowers. You will also find an impressive butterfly display here.

Burj al-Arab & nbsp; - Speaking of hotels in Dubai, we must mention this hotel which considers itself a 7 star hotel. Maybe a room at $ 15,000 a night (and even more) is not what you are looking for, but you must at least take a peek.

And this is just a small touch, there are many other attractions in Dubai like a canal in Dubai, a visit to the aquarium, a visit to the market, riding camels in the desert and more. Visit Travelor and book hotels in Dubai.

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Travelor - Hotels in Dubai