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Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the states in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Since Berlin has been striving for several years to be one of the most attractive and modern cultural centers in the world, we find in it a great many challenges and attractions that are a huge attraction for tourists and young people.  

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Where to spend in Berlin

The city is one of the largest and most developed leisure and recreation centers in the world.

It attracts art and history lovers.

Due to the multiplicity of green spaces, it attracts many families. Takes out plenty of activities.

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Every year Berlin celebrates the cultural festival - the residents of the city, who come from about 70 different nationalities, take to the streets and proudly present their culture.

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In Berlin you can find many monuments scattered in the streets

Each building is built in a different and diverse architecture.

Berlin is known for its many national shades, and its tolerance.

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It has a vibrant nightlife, cafes, clubs, pubs, bars, street art and museums.

Berlin has many palaces and historical destinations.

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Despite the damage Berlin suffered in World War II, and the Cold War that left the city in two, the city was able to recover successfully, especially after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

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Berlin is today a highly sought-after destination for the Israeli traveler. Many families come to Berlin with the children for a family vacation.

Recreation destinations in Berlin

The Black Forest - serves as a destination for children.

Ski holidays - for the whole family.

Watching football matches - in the Bundesliga, the German league.

A visit to the Holocaust Museum

Nuremberg Museum

The concentration and extermination camps from Aidanek


The Black Forest is definitely suitable for children, a huge rope and not in attractions. Ranging from waterfalls, lakes, picturesque towns, medicinal baths of Baden Baden. The well-known Cuckoo Clock Museum.

The Black Forest - is a huge amusement park, the largest in Germany. The second glory after Eurodisney. With 12 roller coasters and dozens of attractions and playgrounds.

Alps - for skiing.

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