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Budapest is the central, economic, cultural, industrial capital of Hungary.

The city of Budapest was actually created from the union of three cities - Buda, Pest, and Ubud in 1873.

It is the sixth largest city in the EU  

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Things to do in Budapest

The Danube River flows in the heart of the city from north to south.

Pesht - east of the river.

And Buda west of the river.

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The indoor market of Pest can be found in Budapest on the south of the boulevard. A famous and highly sought after market among the tourists who come to Budapest.

You can also see the parliament building built in a neo-Gothic style. The Ophir building that occupied a place of honor in city life.

Budapest in World War II

Budapest and the Danube River are often mentioned in World War II. At that time the war brought destruction and devastation to the city when parts of it were flattened. The Nazi occupation of the city resulted in the killing of about 12,000 people from the civilian population. And most of the killing was in the extermination of the Jews. The Jews of Budapest were concentrated in the ghetto within the city limits. When the worst part was throwing the bodies into the Danube River. And the Danube turned red.

The city has several theaters and one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe.

You can find a wide variety of cinemas, galleries, museums, and music academies where concerts are held.

The nightlife in the city is rich and varied. You can find places to hang out - ruined pubs, the uniqueness of these places, these are mostly restaurants and tourist pubs. Designed in a retro atmosphere.

For tourists arriving in Budapest there is Franz Liszt Airport, the main airport in Hungary. You can also find an important train junction, the train connects important cities and makes it easier to get to the city.

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