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The Best Local Stores  

Acre is filled with small local stores offering unique shopping experiences. From family-owned boutiques to artisan craft shops, you'll find treasures that can't be found anywhere else. Take time to stroll the side streets and alleyways to discover stores you never knew existed.  

Fresh Produce Abounds  

The markets of Acre overflow with fresh, locally grown produce. Vendors proudly sell their fruits and vegetables from nearby farms. Take your pick of ripe tomatoes, leafy greens, sweet melons and more. Haggle a bit for the best prices and walk away with bags full of ingredients for delicious home cooked meals.   

Traditional Crafts Are Plentiful  

Acre is known for its many artisans who create traditional crafts that have been passed down for generations. From handmade ceramics and woven textiles to woodcarvings and blown glass, you'll find unique souvenirs that make perfect gifts. Supporting these small businesses helps keep these traditional crafts alive.   

Bargains Await at Flea Markets

Flea markets are a great place to find deals in Acre. Vendors sell everything from used clothing and accessories to antique furniture

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