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There are many famous tourist sites in the world, but New York is without a doubt one of the most famous cities and one of the iconic symbols of the United States. A vacation in a New York hotel can suit the whole family. The city is known for its skyscrapers and has many other man-made attractions, along with natural sites not far from it. A vacation in a New York hotel is an opportunity to visit museums, cultural shows, great chef restaurants, shopping, nightlife and many pastimes that suit everyone. Visit the Travelor website and book hotels in New York, and enjoy spending time in a cosmopolitan city and one of the major hubs in the global economy.

Travelor - When to visit New York

Before we talk about what to do in New York, let's talk about the weather in the city. There is something to do and see in New York in all seasons, but if you come here in the winter the temperatures are low and the city is covered in snow, which sometimes limits traffic. Summer in New York, on the other hand, is characterized by hot and humid weather. Most people prefer to visit New York during the transition season when temperatures are milder.

Travelor - New York Attractions

When spending time in hotels in New York there are so many different and varied things you can do, and it seems that every day there is also a new attraction in this city that never stops renewing. Among the must-see attractions recommended by Travelor surfers is the Statue of Liberty which is considered one of the must-see sites of the city; A visit to the Empire State Building from where you can take an impressive view of the city; Center Park, the green lung of New York and a place where you can relax a bit and also find many lovely spots; A visit to Times Square which is probably the most famous street junction in the world; A visit to the colorful Chinatown; The historic Grand Central Station; Visit the Ground Zero Memorial Site… This is only a partial list of the attractions you can visit.

Travelor - Museums in New York

Travelors can take advantage of the opportunity and while spending time in hotels in New York also visit some of the city's famous museums. Not to be missed is a visit to the Metropolitan Museum, one of the largest and most diverse of the city's museums and some who spend more than one day visiting the museum. There are impressive displays of ancient Egypt and art from different periods. The Natural History Museum is one of the city's most famous museums and is very suitable for spending time with children who will enjoy the skeletons of many dinosaurs and exhibits. Another museum, relatively new, which is of great interest is the spaceship which deals with the field of espionage and gives you an extraordinary experience. And of course there are many more museums like the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum and many others.

Travelor - New York with children

New York is suitable for everyone and it is definitely possible to get to hotels in New York with children. Many of the attractions we mentioned are also suitable for children. If you spend time in hotels in New York with kids Travelor surfers recommend a visit to the Bronx Zoo, a Disney store located in Times Square, the Coney Island theme park, ice skating in Central Park if you came in the winter season, the New York Aquarium and many other sites.

Want to enjoy all the attractions of the city? Just go to the Travelor website and start looking for the hotels that will take you on vacation. Through the site you will find hotels in New York that fit your budget and are located in your favorite areas. With us you will find the best prices. So come to a celebration of attractions, entertainment and shopping in one of the world famous cities.

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