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Antalya MarketsExploring the Bazaars

 The labyrinth of covered markets in Antalya old town offer a glimpse into traditional Turkish shopping. Wander the stalls selling spices, fabrics, souvenirs and more in this bustling bazaar atmosphere. Haggle for the best prices on rugs, jewelry and handicrafts from local artisans. Sip Turkish tea while people watch in one of the cafes lining the narrow alleyways. The sounds, smells and sights of the bazaar will transport you back in time.

 Shopping malls in Antalya

 Modern malls with international brands and local favorites dot Antalya's cityscape. Mall of Antalya is the largest with over 200 stores including Zara, Mango and LC Waikiki, as well as a cinema, kids play area and ice rink. Terra City and Migros malls also offer big name brands, spacious food courts with both local and international options, and kid's play areas to keep the whole family entertained. Mall hours are typically 10am to 10pm.

 Turkish Delights in Antalya

 Turkish delight, jewelry, ceramics and leather goods are popular souvenirs from Antalya. Shop for traditional Turkish delights made with pistachios, rose water and gelatin in the old town. Browse stalls selling handmade ceramics like blue and white Iznik ware, as well as copperware and trays. Antalya is known for its high quality leather goods, so look for bags, sandals and jackets made from locally sourced hides. Prices can be negotiated, especially in the Grand Bazaar.

 Bargain Hunting in Grand Bazaar

 The Grand Bazaar in Antalya old town is a labyrinth of shops selling everything from carpets and clothing to jewelry and souvenirs spread over nearly 50 streets. Wander the maze of alleyways lined with stalls hawking their wares. Haggle for the best prices on traditional Turkish goods such as copperware, ceramics, spices and fabrics. Shopkeepers expect visitors to bargain so start at half the asking price and work your way up. Many stores will come down by at least 30-50% of the initial price. Take breaks at one of the many cafes serving Turkish tea and snacks. The Grand Bazaar is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

 Shopping in Kaleici

 The historic Kaleici district is Antalya's most atmospheric area for shopping. Narrow, winding streets are lined with small boutiques selling handmade ceramics, jewelry made of silver and gold, hand-knotted carpets, traditional clothing and souvenirs. Stop for a break at one of the many cafes serving Turkish coffee, tea and snacks while soaking up the ambiance. Prices tend to be higher than the Grand Bazaar but the quality is generally better. Kaleici is also a great place to simply wander, taking in the historic stone buildings, gardens and panoramic views of the harbor. The area is most bustling in the early afternoon.

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