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Budapest is the capital of Hungary, with a population of 1.8 million citizens, is without a doubt the largest city in the country, often referred to as Paris of the East, and is really worthy of this title, as it is characterized by location paintings on both sides of the Danube, with bridges, villas and beautiful buildings. , And the spa baths, making it one of the most enjoyable cities in Europe .. Your complete guide to visiting the following report.

Budapest offers different experiences for its visitors depending on the time of year, while spring and summer enjoy a variety of cultural events with a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities, autumn and winter await visitors who love peace and quiet and also look forward to skiing and enjoying the snow in the beautiful winter wonderland.

The city of Budapest is the official capital of the State of Hungary, and is the political, economic, industrial and cultural center of the country. The city also contains many tourist attractions that make it an important destination for world-class tourism; It has the first train station on the European continent, which is the only station in the world famous cities designed with a system of routes.

Elements of tourism in Budapest

The city of Budapest has many characteristics that make it a successful option for tourists, and the most important of which are

Architectural art

The name of the city holds many and unique architectural styles, as well as its antiquity, as well as its preservation. History: The nobility and originality of the city appear when viewed directly, and it consists of two areas: Buda and Pest, each with its own independent center and its own historical monuments.


Which distinguishes the city from a large number of other tourist cities; The surrounding mountains help keep it relatively warm during the winter, preventing large amounts of rain from reaching it, while the weather may be relatively hot in the summer and mild in other seasons.


The prices of goods, food and the costs of visiting its tourist destinations are much lower than their counterparts in Western European countries, which helps in achieving many experiences on limited budgets.


There are festivals in the city throughout the year, including: cultural, music, food and film festivals, in addition to the summer festival, which is considered one of the most important.

The most important tourist destinations in Budapest

The city of Budapest has many distinct tourist destinations, and below are some of the most prominent of them.

St. Stephen's Church

It is one of the most important and beautiful tourist destinations. In the city, it is characterized by a unique architecture, and contains a large number of sculptures, mosaic panels, and contains one hundred and fifty types of marble, and it should be noted that its construction took about fifty years. It was completed in the year nineteen hundred and six.

Al-Silsila Bridge

It is a wonderful architectural and historical testimony that connects the two parts of the city: Buda and Pest across the Danube. Tenth century AD, and this suspension bridge is called the Chain Bridge. Refers to the chains that connect its two towers

The House of Parliament

This is the building where the country's government meetings are held. The largest parliament building in the world. It covers an area of about eighteen thousand square meters and contains 691 rooms. Its construction was completed in the year one thousand nine hundred and four.

The main market

It is considered the largest closed shopping center in the city, prominent in its orange colors on the outside, and its roof is covered with unique tiles on the inside. It is worth noting that food and souvenirs are sold, and this is a nine-year-old boy.

Thermal baths

They are related to the ancient customs of the city, as they are visited by tourists from Budapest who are looking for rest and entertainment without having to go to the health sites in the village city.

Arriving in Budapest

The Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, or Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport, is the most accessible destination of most major airports when visiting Budapest, and is located about 25 kilometers from the city center.

The best thing to do in Budapest
Central market hall

This dazzling market is located at the far end of one of the most popular tourist streets of Budapest, Vaci Street and spans three floors, and whether you are looking for fresh produce, beautiful embroidery, or just want to enjoy the local culture, this is the dazzling market. A place for you. And while the ground floor has bakeries and some meat, you’ll want to reach the upper levels for a tour of amazing arts and crafts and folk art, given the fact that the building contains some of the best restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine.

Castle Quarter

Away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets, you can visit the castle district of Budapest, which is characterized by no car traffic with a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, and is actually an ideal place to enjoy beautiful art and architecture, including a visit to the beautifully decorated Royal Palace and Budapest Historical Museum. National.

After exploring the architecture and artwork, walk to Trinity Square for some excellent dining options and a restaurant overlooking the Parliament buildings across the river.

Margaret Island

If you love the outdoors, do not miss a visit to Margaret Island, which has beautiful gardens and an old world atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the swimming pool at Alfred Hajos while learning about Hungarian culture at the Dominican convent or the Franciscan Church, your choice.

Margaret Island is a great place for all the energy levels found in nature, it is very easy to get to Margaret Island from the city center and many locals prefer to get there in the morning on foot or after work to pump some fresh air while enjoying. Beautiful natural landscapes because it is home to ruins and remnants of centuries. The center has a small garden and a healthy water tower, in addition to the air theater and a number of clubs.

Sashani Bath House

This bath is not particularly well-known among tourists compared to other places, and perhaps this increases its privacy, as the place provides unrivaled opportunities for recreation and relaxation between saunas, as well as mud baths and massages.

Purochmatic Square
If you are traveling to Budapest during the New Year holidays, you must visit this square, which is the beating heart of the city, especially since it is home to the most important market for New Year's products and gifts, and it is a great place to visit with a visit to the famous Gerbeaud Cafe.

Andrashi Street

This elegant street, known as a World Heritage Site, is often referred to as the Champs Elysees in Budapest, as they are also called the city's cultural square, due to being home to some of the best theaters with many museums located on the square or outside, as well as an opera house. -1880, as one of the most prestigious musical institutions in Europe.

In general, Andrashi Street is a great place to stroll and stroll alongside historic buildings and beautiful cafes dripping with unique Hungarian heritage.

Passy Street

Vaci Utca
After the tour of the main market hall, you can continue walking on Wasi Street, which is the main shopping street in Budapest. You can enjoy shopping and shop whatever you want while enjoying the beautiful buildings, some luxury restaurants and shops of international fashion brands, and at the end of the street you will find the famous Gerbeaud Cafe. Appetizing traditional pastries with sumptuous interior decoration found in a building built in 1861.

It is perhaps the most famous street in Budapest, and stretches from Forsmarty Square to the main market hall and includes a large number of restaurants, shops and cafes.

Gillert Hill

Gillert Hill offers some of the best panoramic views of Budapest. It is named after Bishop Gellert (Gerald), who was thrown from the hill by pagans in the fight against Christianity in 1046. At the top of the hill lies a magnificent statue of a lady holding a palm leaf, which can be See from all over the city.

parliament building

The Hungarian Parliament building in the capital, Budapest, is one of the buildings in the city. The building contains 690 halls decorated in a neo-Gothic style and with modern classical designs. Many daily tours take place accompanied by special guides. These tours are in English and organized from ten o'clock. Can you go on one of these tours if you want to hear professional guides?

Today, the most famous landmark in Budapest is the Parliament Building on the banks of the Danube, an excellent example of neo-Gothic architecture, over 100 years old and the third largest parliament building in the world, along with a group of palaces, churches. And heritage monuments are listed on the UNESCO list, which are really worth discovering.

Budapest also has some very good museums, including the National Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum and the Historical Museum.

Budapest is a very vibrant city, with so many good restaurants and a vibrant nightlife scene, that you will not get tired of walking around the city every day and exploring a museum, visiting a landmark, or even choosing 12 types of coffee. In a cafe, and at night you can dine in one of the cheap or luxurious restaurants, and also go to the opera, because you are always in Budapest you will find what suits you to enjoy, knowing that walking around Budapest is easy to do do not worry about it, the city has excellent public transport, including buses and trains The subway as well as the tram.

Budapest also offers unique public transport that will build lasting memories, including the Libigo, a small cable car that takes you on a journey through the woods and offers stunning views of the area around you, and the charming Cyclo on the other hand. A train that stretches from Royal Buda Castle to Adam Clark Square, which although not as magnificent as the cable car, offers stunning views of Gershom Palace and the magnificent Shane Bridge.

Hours of work
Shops in Budapest are usually open from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays, in residential areas and in the city center you can also find shops around the clock.

Most museums are open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and closed on Mondays. The thermal baths operate from 06:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and from 06:00 to 17:00 on weekends.

In any emergency you can call English, German and other foreign languages to the police phone number 107.

Visit Buda Castle

Buda Castle is one of the most amazing sites in Budapest. The royal palace of Buda can be found in the castle ... you can enjoy beautiful views away from the fishing stronghold. You can spend long hours in Buda Castle without getting bored of the place and wandering among the beautiful scenery and existing monuments. Pictures can be taken for souvenirs of historic buildings. There are many small cafes and restaurants serving local cuisine and festivals in the air during spring and summer.

Go to thermal baths (spa)

Budapest is one of the famous cities due to traditional thermal baths known as spas in the center of Budapest as well as many of them in rural areas, each has its own style and the most popular properties are Chechnya Gellert and Rhodes. Spend half the day in this place and then a walking tour.

Visit the main market hall "The Great Market Hall"

The main market is one of the famous markets in Budapest, it is located on the river bank on the side of Pest near Waci Street, it is a big market where you can spend a whole day without getting bored of the place. In the area you will find vendors selling everything from fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and food belonging to Hungarian specialties like the famous spicy sausage called “whole” or foie gras patty. On the first floor of the hall you can buy some souvenirs and you can try some of the famous Hungarian dishes there. Budapest is famous for its spicy food. You can try "Angus", a type of fried bread served with cheese and cream, which is the most famous type of bread there.

Visit the Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue is the largest market in Europe and the second largest in the world after it in New York, visiting the Great Synagogue is a definite and fun experience to do during your visit to Budapest. There are free tours inside the synagogue, and you can also go on guided tours of the Jewish Quarter in Budapest to enjoy getting to know the place through the tour.

Fisherman's Fortress in Estin

On the top of Gallert Hill in Budapest the Hungarian capital is the Fisherman's Fortress in Estan, the castle was built after the Hungarian War of Independence, today the castle has an open museum containing the history of the hill and the city at that time. It can be seen with a lovely view of Budapest Castle, especially at night when the city buildings are lit up. .

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